American Studies at Shanghai University: Andy Doolen

With the help of a generous grant from the U.S. State Department, UK has been able to forge a partnership across the Pacific. On March 29th, 2012, three UK scholars will go to deliver lectures for the Inaugural Symposium for the American Studies Center at Shanghai.

新年快乐!Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! January 23rd was the official Chinese New Year, and though the Year of the Rabbit left us feeling warm and fuzzy (I had to), the New Year of the Dragon has quite an exciting ring to it.

-Chinese Lessons!-

新 – xīn – new, newly

年 – nián – year

快乐 – kuàilè – happy, happiness

新 + 年 + 快乐 = New Year Happy! Or, uh, Happy New Year!

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