重男轻女 (Men Are More Important Than Women)

Hello Beautiful Readers,

I hope everyone all around the world reading this today is having a great day. The sun has finally begun to shine over Shanghai, and I’ve been spending a lot less time wearing my giant wool pea coat (that I hate, simply because my wearing it would have to imply the presence of unfavorable weather).

Today’s topic is not poop, for once. In fact, it is something that has been revealing itself to me, little by little, during my stay here in Shanghai. Today’s topic is sexism.

Thats A Thing?! Part II or, A Plea for Advice

Friends, Family, Beautiful People of the World, Hello!

I know its been a while, and I am a dirty, terrible liar for telling you that I would be posting bi-weekly. Life…you know…it happens. Since we’ve last spoken, I have started my class (most advanced in the program!) and have been diligently glued to my notebooks and electronic dictionary. The weather has been slowly improving, and I finally saw the sun this week after about 2 months of bitter rain and cold-induced depression. Alas, I hope you can forgive me for not being around!

新年快乐!Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! January 23rd was the official Chinese New Year, and though the Year of the Rabbit left us feeling warm and fuzzy (I had to), the New Year of the Dragon has quite an exciting ring to it.

-Chinese Lessons!-

新 – xīn – new, newly

年 – nián – year

快乐 – kuàilè – happy, happiness

新 + 年 + 快乐 = New Year Happy! Or, uh, Happy New Year!

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