Q&A (常見問答)

Q1. What do I need to apply?

A1. Apply here

  • Fill out the International Application for Undergraduate Admission
  • $60 non-refundable application processing fee
  • Transcript-an English version and a Chinese version. The English version must be translated by your university. No photocopies allowed. College/university transcripts will be evaluated for transfer credit by our office. You may also choose WES to evaluate credit hours.
  • Course descriptions must be provided in both English and in Chinese.  They must be on official letterhead from all of the institutions that you have attended. No photocopies.
  • Bank statement-We will accept scanned or faxed copies of the official bank statement or an original bank statement.  Please show an available balance in U.S. dollars of $33,250
  • Fill out Sponsor Guarantee Form
  • English Proficiency-TOEFL or IELTS
  • The minimum TOEFL score of 71 (iBT), 197 (cbt) or 527 (paper-based)
  • or a minimum score of 6.0 on the IELTS
  • Uk’s TOEFL code: 1234
  • All scores must come from TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Academic letter of recommendation-submit this electronicallyor can download a PDF version
  • Freshman applicants Freshman applicants who wish to be considered for academic scholarships or a major within UK's College of Engineering must also provide Official ACT or SAT Results.
  • Additional documents may be requested at time of application

Q2. How much is tuition for a year?

A2. University of Kentucky 2011-2012 budget

Type Undergraduate
Tuition and fees 21,150
Room and abroad 9,000
Books, supplies 800
personal 1,600
travel 700
total 33,250

Q3. How many students does UK have?

A3. 2010 fall semester (total)

Male 14013 48.4%
Female 14915 51.6%
Total 28928 100%

Q4. Where is UK?

A4. University of Kentucky is located in Lexington, Kentucky.

Q5.How is the safety system like on campus?

A5.The University of Kentucky has its own police department. The campus is secured by emergency call-boxes. Students can call escort services during night hours. UK police will communicate with the students through text, phone-call, and email.

Q6. How many hours does it take to graduate?

A6. 120 hours. Course requirements will be determined by college.





  • 填写国际本科生入学申请表
  • 60美元申请费
  • 高校成绩单,一份中文一份英文,英文版本必须是学校翻译的。只接受正本(不接受复印,传真。)
    肯塔基大学将会决定多少学分可以转过来。您也可以通过World Education Services来评估学分
  • 成绩单上所有的课程需要中文与英文的描述。课程描述必须来自学校官方。只接受正本(不接受复印,传真。)
  • 银行账单-复印或者传真既可。总额必须大于33,250美元。
  • 填写担保表格
  • 英语水平-托福或者雅思
    托福分数不能低于:71(iBT),197(cbt), 527 (paper-based)
  • 推荐书-电子提交PDF版本
  • 大一生申请奖学金或者进工程学院必须提供ACT或SAT
  • 肯塔基大学ACT代号:1554
  • 可在申请时要求附加文件



类型 本科
学费和杂费 21,150美元
吃住 9,000美元
书,用品 800美元
个人 1,600美元
路费 700美元


A3.2010年秋季 (总):

14013 48.4%
14915 51.6%
28928 100%