The Great Wall of China(长城)

Hello, My Beautiful Readers! So, its been quite some time since I last wrote anything here…please forgive me! I have been not only busy lately, but exhausted as well. The cold weather has finally moved in, and without heat in even my own dorm room, it has chilled me to my very bones. Phew! I promise to write more in the next few days – I have many ideas and inspirations from the last month I have been slacking off – but for now…THE GREAT WALL! I was fortunate enough to travel to Beijing last month to visit friends and of course, see the sights. I was excited to see the Temple of Heaven and Tian’An Men Square, but I was nervous with excitement to see the magnificent and world-famous Great Wall of China. Let me tell you – it was breathtaking. We went on a sunny, clear day – perfect weather for spending the day at one of the worlds most ancient wonders. Please enjoy the following pictures, and as always, click to enlarge!

Looking out on one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

It goes on forever!

A friendly soldier who I met on the wall.

These majestic mountains surround the Great Wall at Mu Tian Yu.

The stairs were steep and many - I am tripping up them towards the end of our journey!

Sean walks down the wall.

Lucky, lucky me. I hope that everyone reading will make their way to the Great Wall of China someday (if you haven’t already gone!)

More Later,



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