The Truth About Chinese Food

Hello again friends!

I am super busy here. Class and homework takes up so much time!

A World of New Friendship

你们好!Hello everyone! I hope everyone is happy and safe and will also excuse my punny and corny title.

Beautiful Suzhou (苏州) – Venice of China

This past weekend I went to Suzhou, a city smaller than Shanghai but still much bigger than anything us country-bumpkin Kentucky folk are used to. Kidding about the bumpkin part…I guess. Its a city in Jiangsu province only 20 minutes away from Shanghai on the fast train (about two hours by bus!) known for its beautiful canals, gardens, and temples. It has actually been called by some “Paradise on Earth” because of its serene and magnificent scenery. There is a Chinese saying…: 上 有 天 堂 下 有 蘇 杭.

Famous Shanghai Skyline – I’m at the Bund!

This is somewhat of a bad picture of my friend Sean and I at one of Shanghai’s most famous places – the Bund! From here, you can see for yourself the skyline Shanghai is so famous for. It was pretty foggy this night so the picture isn’t of the best quality….and you can’t even see the Pearl tower! (Google it.) But, I feel bad for not having any pictures on here thus far…so this will have to suffice. More to come!

The Experience of 外国人

In my last post, I mentioned some immediate observations upon arrival in China.  Here is one that is not so immediate, but after one week in China is definitely the most prominent: The Experience of 外国人.

-Chinese Lesson!-

外 - wài – This character means outside; external; foreign.

国- guó  - This character means country; nation; state.

人 - rén – This character means person, or people.

外+国+人 = Outside Nation Person, or more simply, Foreigner. How cool is Chinese??

到了! Here Goes Nothing!

Every overseas adventure begins with a car ride. Car ride to the airport, car ride from the airport, to the hostel, to the dorm and et cetera. It seems trivial, but what can be seen out the window of a car can provide a perfect panoramic vision of whats to come – or what you are leaving behind. I love America! (Can I say that here?) But leaving America, looking out the window, the giant spread-out cement buildings, organized traffic patterns, clear sky, and pick-up trucks prominently stood out as “All-American,” or things I won’t be seeing for a while. I silently bid them farewell.

Podcast – I’M (becoming) FAMOUS

Hey Friends!

So, Cheyenne Hohman at the College of Arts and Sciences at UK is a wonderful and exciting person, and she helped me make this interesting podcast interview about my year in China! Check it out:

Back to the Future: Going to Shanghai with Hallie Decker

Back to the Future. Love it. Also, don’t make fun of my silly answers…I was nervous!




A Brief Introduction – 大家好!

Friends, Family, and whomever else finds themselves on this page: Hello!

Let me provide you with a brief introduction of who I am and what this fancy blog post is all about. My name is Hallie Decker. I am 20 years old, and an International Studies / Chinese major at the University of Kentucky. Go Cats! I have bright red hair, love to read and sing, and sometimes exclaim in loud voices. Enough about me, more about…other things.


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